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5 Easy Garage Organization Tips

It seems like there is no way to keep a space de-cluttered for long. Objects have a way of creeping into spaces within and around the home. Of course we are responsible for it happening, but we are usually not conscious of our role in creating clutter and misuse of space. We just go on autopilot when it comes to organization. After a few months of living in a new home, that spacious garage has become a cramped, jungle of stuff that we carefully move our cars into.
It doesn’t have to be this way. If you just store things more purposefully, you will conquer clutter once and for all! Taking a few steps to be more systematic in your garage organizational behavior will make a huge difference. You will maximize space and increase access to the things you need most. You will also lose fewer items.

  1. Preparation: It doesn’t make any sense to start organizing the storage of your stuff before you categorize it. You will need to group all of the things you wish to store in the garage together before you do anything else. Move your vehicles out of the garage to give yourself maximum room to work with. Start grouping like items together on the floor of the garage.
  2. Accessorize: Making use of vertical space is one of the most impactful ways to organize a garage. The space on the ground can only hold so much, yet when you look above, there is lots of space just being wasted. Use wall and ceiling storage to dramatically increase both garage storage capacity and ease of access since items off the ground are easier for you to reach. You have tons of options, including racks, tool organizers, wall mounted benches, cabinets, overhead garage storage, and more.
  3. Storage: Some of your items will not be used often, so it makes sense to store those away in a manner that removes them from sight. You can use any storage that closes. This is particularly useful for keep dust and pests away from the items. Before you do put these items away, take a look at any safety precautions. Some of your aerosol sprays and paint cans may be marked as flammable, so you may want to store them away from a hot water heater or other things that produce heat.
  4. Reduction: This is also your best chance to get rid of the things you do not need. Some of your least wanted items may have a lot of value to others. Consider having a yard sale or donating such items. For those that are no longer useful, consider having them recycled. Recycling is always the preferred option. We do not want anything to end up in the landfills that doesn’t absolutely have to be there. Certain things like dead batteries and excess chemicals are harmful and luckily, can be recycled or disposed of in a responsible manner. See this site for help with that.
  5. Inspiration: If you are having a hard time visualizing how your garage storage setup should look, take a look at this Pinterest board for some amazing examples of well-organized garages. Not only will you see ideas for storage, you will also see ideas for usage of the garage space.

It should be pretty apparent now that organizing the garage is not difficult, as long as you put your mind to. Once these steps are taken, keeping your garage organized will be even easier. The usage of racks and cabinets takes a lot of the guesswork out of how best to organize. Good luck!

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