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genie logo 4c scottsdale azGenie is a name that brings much value with the North American garage entrance control consumer. The origin of this company is filled with instances and innovations that underscore its dedication to being an innovator in this congested field. Garage doors that are always dependable, of high quality assembly, and have best in class customer service are just some of the reasons that lots of homeowners prefer Genie.

Beginning in the year 1954, the Alliance Manufacturing Company created its initial garage door opener system. This garage door opener, named Genie, would be simply the beginning of a completely brand-new firm moving forward. The Genie was the initial mass produced residential garage door opener product brought to the market with a wireless user interface. The Genie wasn’t just the very first of its kind, it was a real standard bearer for many years, forcing other companies to catch up. That very same innovative thinking is still apparent in the firm’s merchandise today.

Genie 4024 Garage Door Opener

model 4024 scottsdale azIt is hard to outdo the Genie 4024 garage door opener. It is the utmost in mass appeal. You can get one these very preferred garage door opener systems in either chain or belt drive build. The model 4024 is a smart design for active individuals. When you require power, ease of use, as well as quick performance, you get the Genie 4024. product includes a motion safety sensor as well as 2 light emitting diode light bulbs. Assembled here in the United States of America!

Your Scottsdale Genie Garage Door Opener Dealership

Let garage door repair Scottsdale AZ professionals deal with all your Genie product needs. From buying garage door openers and also accessories at great rates, to repairs for your existing Genie garage door opener system, we have got you covered. We are a licensed Genie seller trained to fix all models of Genie automatic openers. We even repair out of production models!

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